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A look back at 2020!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

2020 was the year I stood up and spoke my truth in art and life! In telling my story at work, I discovered I could empower others to do the same. Last year, I also realised the benefits of working from home and my creativity soared!

Highlights include signing a publication contract with Prometea Press for The Beloved Equation books, and illustrating the Olive Kingdom, an enchanting story by author A.B. Neilly. I also completed my art portfolio book of my paintings of music: Music Made Visible.

It was great to see Ms.Tracey read my book: Jonathan’s Number Party at her story time session in partnership with Eyeseeme! You can watch it by clicking here (JNP starts at the 29:29 minute mark).

It's been a difficult year for us all, but a memorable one too. Let's hope 2021 is just memorable!

- Marina


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