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Jonathan has so much to look forward to, with a birthday coming up! Who and how many will he invite? 

As Jonathan invites friends to his party, young children learn about zero, counting, adding, and subtracting while enjoying a delightful story filled with children of colour and children with disabilities, that look like them!

How To Order...

The book is available to order at Eyeseeme and on Amazon in CanadaU.S. and U.K.

ISBN: 979-8533996853

To order bookmarks or signed copies:

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Why is Jonathan's Number Party so important?

Jonathan's Number Party was commissioned by the owners of Eyeseeme bookstore in St. Louis, Missouri to address the gap in the representation of children of colour and those with disabilities in children’s literature. As you can see in the infographic, children with disabilities are not even included in the survey! Check out this article for more information.

Diversity in Publishing 2019 Lee and Low Diversity Baseline Survey.png

In addition, the book is completely hand illustrated by the author, and if you look closely you can see that numbers are incorporated into each character. Teacher's notes and tips are included along with the visual representation of addition and subtraction on every page!

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I wish this beautifully illustrated & written book in rhyme was around when I was a classroom teacher. I spent 14 of my 18 years teaching in Intensive Special Education classes where it could have changed lives in teaching the simple for some but very difficult concepts of addition & subtraction, especially for those with "math dyslexia" aka dyscalculia. I look forward to many more educational, engaging, inclusive and endearing books about math from the very talented author/illustrator Marina Pinto Miller, Ph.D.

- Monica Hough, founder of the Beaches Reading Clinic, Toronto 

The book itself is amazing, badly needed in today's world of education where children are exposed to apps and technology before they know how to write/read their name. The stats on the attached sheet were surprising to me; when my daughter was a child, I had to bring children's books from Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba not only in Spanish but with culturally diverified context. I am happy to see the characters representing "youngsters who are differently able" participate and be themselves without fears of being placed at a disadvantage. 

- Fredy Mejia, Career and Student Success Advisor, Humber College, Toronto

Thank you so much for the book - it's so lovely & respectful. I love the way it conveys the different characters in such a great light (sometimes such attempts can come across as patronising...). It's so nice to see diversity in children's literature - it makes such a difference to ALL kids, but really nice for kids with disabilities and those of colour to see themselves in a book!

- Janet Asher, mother of a child with autism

Jonathan's Number Party was recommended to me by a friend. I have twin 3-year-olds, and although this book is geared toward a slightly older child, my children love it. The colours and illustrations captured their attention immediately. They loved pointing out the numbers hidden in the characters. I know that this book will continue to be a favourite as they learn to add and subtract in the coming years!

- Debra Glaser, Chiropractor & Co-Clinic Director


1 bookmark for 2.50 CAD

5 bookmarks for 10 CAD

Full set of 10 bookmarks for 15 CAD

Tactile bookmarks with number overlays and/or braille are also available by request.


Please note: Bookmarks are only available for purchase directly from Marina Pinto Miller in Toronto.

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