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About me

Marina Pinto Miller PhD


"Marina Pinto Miller is known for her hand-drawn and painted artworks, using her synaesthesia to create paintings from music and natural sounds. Her first book, 'Jonathan's Number Party is designed to be inclusive for children with disabilities and children of colour. Her second book, The Beloved Equation is delightfully illustrated, highlighting the joys and perils of finding love through the eyes of a person with a disability."


Her first published work, Jonathan's Number Party is described as "life-changing for readers with dyslexia and dyscalculia; educational, engaging, inclusive and endearing."  


Marina has completed other illustrated stories including  'The Olive Kingdom' for author A.B. Neilly and 'The Beloved Equation'. Since 1997, she has integrated fine art, illustration, and creative writing along with sound using her synaesthesia, to produce over 75 commissioned works, including paintings of music and licensed designs, all done by hand.  She is currently working on a fine art series called 'Tree Songs'.


Her doctoral dissertation, 'Reflecting on the Grave and the Bones Within' was published in 2012 by Oxford Archeopress, British Archeological Report 2425. Marina's writing style, even as an academic, is distinguished by clarity and brevity.  

Marina is also a member of the Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers - CANSCAIP.

A special thanks...

I've come a long way with the help of:

Publisher of The Beloved Equation - Prometea Press

The publishers who commissioned Jonathan's Number Party - Eyeseeme

My friend and educational consultantElaine Belanger-Porter

Monica Hough - founder of the Beaches Reading Clinic


Luca Pinto for this beautiful website!

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