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Tree Songs

by Marina Pinto Miller

A step beyond classical music!

A small sample showcasing one of my current projects. The finished work will consist of 24 paintings, with pen and ink drawings to accompany the texts, and links to the soundtracks associated with each painting. Tree Songs is a multidimensional art piece!

View the paintings in the gallery, and hover over them for a message from the tree! Below, click on each tree to hear the music that corresponds to each painting. Take a look at Jodie Helm’s comments on my project and and why it matters!

The Tree Songs are now on permanent exhibit at the Tangled Art + Disability Gallery in Toronto. Check out the black and pink buttons to find out more!


My Creative Process and Call to Action

What you see in these paintings are the sounds from nature, from music, from unusual instruments, from the human voice and from sounding objects, that allow me to receive and translate into word and image. My synasthesia – colour hearing - is the medium through which I experience creative expression of the energies of each tree. Are the messages for real? I’ll leave that for you to decide.


The works of Diana Beresford-KroegerPeter WohlehbenMonica Gagliano and Stefano Mancuso make a very strong case for Nature and plant intelligence, based on scientific inquiry, experiment and observation. It seems to me that where there is intelligence; consciousness - however it’s defined and expressed, must follow. 


We are living through perilous times, and it’s my belief that we will succeed in traversing them, when we remember who we are and draw upon our greatest strength as human beings -  our ability to experience empathy and emotion in relation to others. We are not alone – we share in, co-exist and co-create our world alongside the beings of all other living creatures on Earth, including tree-beings. 


Consider what a big difference that one word shift, extending the word  “-being” to all, would make. It’s time to say it out loud!

Hopeful Stories!

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