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"The Beloved Equation is a wonderful story about perseverance and adaptability that resonates. Few can match a voice that speaks to all ages, backgrounds, and abilities and this inspirational work of art has something for everyone. Definitely a must-have in your library!"

- Louis Molnár

Where to Buy:


Kindle edition*: Available now! 


Softcover edition: Stay tuned on my social media! 

Hardcover edition: ask your local bookstore or library to order through Ingram Sparks.

ISBN 978-1-7771351-5-7 (hardcover)

Publication date: November 9, 2022 - 41 pages

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Reviews and ratings are much appreciated!

Please ask your local bookstore or library to order a hardcover copy of the book through Ingram Sparks. This will help the book make its way into libraries and into retail outlets where more people can discover it!

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Enjoy these video clips from my book launch!

Excerpts are from an event recording made on November 9th 2022.


I really had fun creating these clips and hope you enjoy watching them! Joyce Aldrich, friend, accomplished singer-songwriter, radio broadcaster and visual artist, interviewed me – thank you, Joyce!


The Beloved Equation

Are you single and looking for your beloved? What would you do if you knew that there was a formula – an equation – for finding your love? If this intrigues you, you’ll want to meet Marina... Marina’s chances of finding her beloved were statistically not great. She's over 40, has cerebral palsy, walks with crutches, and worse still for the marriage market, she has a Ph.D.! But with a certain artfulness, Marina went about figuring out the relationships between things – art, song, faith and friend – and added them all up until they equaled a space in which a beloved would belong in. Lo and behold, against all odds, the formula worked and the answer came: David her Beloved. A mathematical poet who was working on his own formula to find her! They love as children do – in a way that make time and space and the material world irrelevant. Together, they are: “The Beloved Equation.” - Sarah Kapoor

Discover the power of music behind the story of The Beloved Equation!

How to use The Beloved Equation to reframe everyday emotional experiences:


What happens when you try to love the opportunity you are given in any situation no matter how dark it is? That is what The Beloved Equation is about!


What happens when you love what's new and different? The Beloved Equation is on the way!


What happens when you love the life you're in? The Beloved Equation is almost here!

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