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Cristian Pinto Ferré

Cristian Pinto Ferré

Who was he? (brief - including dates, place of birth, death and remembered in a statue)


Project description

Context for bringing his music to life. ( our present-day project) ... Story of the manuscripts and finding someone who had the expertise to do the work. Why it matters. 


About the music

Quality of the music, what we understand from the scores. What we can discern about him as a composer. Include Steven's audio clips in this section, original photos of manuscript and copy of score as created by Steven (top two lines of music only - screenshotted from google doc)


Cristian the person

What we know about his life (in word document translated from Miri's site) - short summary of what was said about him and a picture of him (found in the blog)/ or painting of self portrait in Rick's house


Family in paintings

Collection of paintings we have -- his family and some indication of who they were summarized. (Reel of paintings?) 

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